Internship Signal Processing (Segment Length Estimation)

  • Internship/graduation assignment
  • Enschede, Netherlands

Internship Signal Processing (Segment Length Estimation)

Job description

We are always looking for talented and ambitious interns to join Movella. Our internship program gives you the opportunity to become a full member of the Movella family. You will not only work with our innovative products, but you will also learn more about your strengths. An internship at Movella gives you the opportunity to work on real projects and have loads of fun along the way.

Your assignment at Movella

Capture of human movement has applications in the fields of entertainment, ergonomics, sports, health, and rehabilitation. Performance of any human motion capture (mocap) solution depends on, among other factors, accurate estimates of the lengths of the body segments. Segment length estimation can be carried out in several ways. In this assignment, we investigate state-of-the-art ultrasound ranging sensors. The human body can be populated with a number of these sensors, and based on the time-of-flight information, distances between different sensors can be obtained. The measurements of these sensors are affected by the dynamics of the human body, and as such, intelligent algorithms must be devised to filter out these disturbances.

Key challenges:

  • Developing a sensor network from a number of ultrasound ranging sensors
  • Doing experiments with human subjects in different dynamics
  • Gathering ranging measurements and assessing challenges
  • Devising and trying different optimization algorithms to correctly estimate body dimensions

Please note that you actually need to be enrolled in a school or university in order to be considered for an internship.

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We are particularly eager to find interns with these skills and expertise:

  • Experience in signal processing is a must
  • Knowledge of biomechanics is highly preferred
  • Programming skills in embedded systems is a plus

Working at Movella

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Working for Movella is working with colleagues that are inquisitive and entrepreneurial by heart. Naturally, there is a high level of cooperation within our teams. These teams consist of people with multiple international backgrounds, a sportive mindset and driven to get the most out of themselves. They share a passion for health, movement and technology. Movella offers a position in an innovative, ambitious and international environment. The informal culture allows for personal input, growth and development.